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The Barefoot Economist has 15 years of experience of producing economic analysis. Examples of his work can be downloaded from the publications page. The Barefoot Economist has significant experience in applying:

  • Game theory
  • Incentive theory (aka principal-agent theory)
  • Benefit-cost analysis
  • Microeconomics
  • Econometric and statistical analysis
  • Financial analysis (e.g. net present value).

He has worked on the following issues:

  • Reducing Indigenous Australian disadvantage in health, education and economic outcomes
  • Impact investment, specifically Social Impact Bonds
  • Climate change mitigation, specifically economics of renewables
  • Climate change adaptation, specifically impact on agriculture and the use of risk-management instruments
  • Productivity analysis
  • Innovation policy, specifically organisational design of internal financing of scientific research
  • Regulatory change measurements in reducing red tape in biosecurity and renewable energy
  • Market-based instruments for conservation, specifically BushTender
  • Incentive design, such as contracts for drought policy and conservation contracts
  • Competition in Victoria’s retail energy
  • Investment performance of emerging market hedge funds.

The Barefoot Economist can apply his skills and experience to a broad variety of issues. He can quickly learn the key features of new issues and apply economic analysis to determine the core economic issue.

In addition to his economic analysis skills, the Barefoot Economist has strong communication and relationship-building skills. The Barefoot Economist strives to provide authentic analysis backed up by actions. For example, when the Barefoot Economist was Manager of Regulatory Reform, he was successful in securing regulators’ cooperation to reduce red tape by $40 million per year.




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